Persisting in Real Estate Requires Ways to Stand Out

Keeping up with rising costs to generate leads and cover all the other related expenses of a real estate practice while trying to grow your business...can be very challenging.  Combining this, with the increasing number of disruptive ''PropTech'' platforms chiseling away at market share all result in effecting your net commissions and bottom line. 

Here's an idea...why not diversify?

Partnerships that Pay

There's a real value to building team-like loyalty and added efficiency by systematizing service provider referrals; not only for your vendors, but mainly for your shared clients.  When referrals are casual, it's harder to monitor quality control and there's less cohesion overall. Use BrandLink's platform to facilitate exclusive Vendor Partnerships who will pay a subscription fee to your agency every month...and will thank you for it! 


​*See Jodi's Testimonial

Leverage Our TV and Radio Affiliate

Through our media affiliate partner, BrandLink can orchestrate a relationship that will arrange promotional media campaigns which are certain to drive leads and build brand awareness for your agency*

* Regional Restrictions Apply 

Generate Auxiliary Sales

Many national brands seek ways to leverage real estate agents' client trust relationships to recommend their products and services. Through BrandLink, these brands will enable agents to offer special incentives to clients, as well as pay agents for referrals that turn to sales - without the need to find and establish agreements with these companies yourself!  



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