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Over 20 years of combined real estate, marketing, technology, and strategic business expertise 


What started out as casual client referrals by real estate agents of Hokanson Realty to service professionals, became the catalyst to a better way.  We thought, "why not create a platform that systematizes a real estate agency's means to more efficiently bridge-the-gap between consumers and select service professional brands through the leverage of technology and existing mass media venues?". 

Enter, BrandLink! 

Our team is made up of a diverse set of in-house real estate, business, and marketing experts who have teamed up with formidable strategic partners in technology, radio, TV, and digital marketing fields to deliver a winning solution. 

All combined, our platform delivers a disruptive three-pronged offering that delivers access to significant brand visibility and business growth to local service professionals, increased proficiency; client satisfaction; and revenue streams for real estate agencies, and most importantly, a better experience and value for our shared customers.  



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